Grilled Cheese with Apple and Rosemary-Walnut Butter

A is for Apple. This is what I teach my two year old son and believe me he has a lot of apples daily! His new love in life is the apple. My mission was to make something WITH the apple instead of just cutting it! I first dreamed this morning of a soft, ewie, gewie baked apple with caramel and cinnamon running down the sides – but that was quickly halted when I thought of the mess that was going to make! Let’s just jump back here, oatmeal all over the floor drove me crazy this morning, can I really deal with a baked apple? Nope. Moving on! What little voice in my head? Grilled cheese? Why excellent choice! Let’s get started!

First, I have to admit, I made another quite sumptuous compound butter and forgot to take ANY pictures! (oh my, i know!) I was upset too. Since I was in a rush, listening to baby girl cry in her swing, my son wake up crying from nap, and me with the stove on trying to get-it-done, I quickly realized this was going to be a challenge. So, I even cheated and grabbed the Country Crock spread and just went at it. But I wouldn’t steer you wrong, it was pretty delicious!

Compound Butter Ingredients: (Servings for 8 pieces of bread)

1/2 cup of butter: softened (I grabbed Country Crock spread….in a hurry, I swear!)

1 tsp rosemary, chopped (really chopped, the smaller the rosemary the oils give away leaving a great taste!)

1 tsp walnuts, chopped (itsy bitsy)


1. Place butter in a bowl. Add rosemary and walnut. Use a fork to mash all together.

2. Place in center of syran wrap and roll up tightly, twisting the ends.

3. Place in fridge for thirty minutes.

NOTE: This butter compound tastes EXCELLENT on a steak!!! Also, since I make this one frequently, the next time I do, I will add step by step pictures!



2 slices honey wheat bread (pumpernickel and multi-grain is good too. Check in your bakery section)

1 slice cheddar cheese

1 Granny Smith Apple: peeled, cored and sliced thinly

2 Tbs butter

Rosemary-Walnut butter spread, recipe above

Recipe Directions:

1. After apples are peeled and core, thinly slice them. (I used a mandolin on second setting for same size every time).

2. Over low to medium low heat, place butter into saute pan.

3. Add apples. Cook for two-three minutes, turning halfway through.

(I obviously dont have an apple corer! will put on list! lol)

4. Turn off heat and set apples aside. NOTE: Try not to over cook your apples by making them soft and limp. You want them to be sweet and have a bite. Set in the butter for sweetness yet have a tart crunch to them. Perfecto!

5. Spread the rosemary walnut compound butter on one slice of bread. Let’s not play shy, butter this baby up good!

6. Preheat a non-stick saute pan over medium to medium high heat. Once its ready, place the slice of bread, butter side down, into the pan.

7. Add one piece of cheese and half the apple mixture. Let melt for a minute.

8. Butter the second slice of bread.

9. When cheese starts to melt, add next slice of bread on top with butter facing to the sky.

10. Flip the sandwich over to brown the other side!

11. Cut and serve.

When I took my first bite of apple grilled cheese (what?!) I was in pure bliss. I could still taste the tartness from the apple, with bold cheddar cheese running through but the best part is the rosemary walnut butter compound. It just opened a new door to the every day grilled cheese!

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