Meet Mama


In that moment when we are looking for the answer but cannot see that we are digging in deeper, in that moment when the walls of our own insides are tumbling to the ground, in that moment that we are asking and seeking for help is the moment that our prayers are truly answered. I have been battling an enemy who I have high standards for, a foe that was lost, a rivalry that could not be won. I was battling myself. Though doctors have prescribed many medications, I felt there was a bigger need to get out of this mess. I didn’t want to “numb” the problem but to treat it as naturally as I got here in the first place.

Throughout my journey, I have been brought back to know my true self. A self that has been lost through the many people and experiences which have molded me. I want to unwind those experiences and heal. My passion for food has provided me with a meaning again, a reminder that I need to take care of myself all together. When we heal ourselves and truly heal ourselves can we move forward.

When searching for the right “healing” foods – I look for energies that will feed my soul. That will make me feel good about myself. I am foregoing labeling myself as a “vegetarian” or even a “meat-eater.” I listen to what my body is craving then respond. When I make something out of love, I have noticed my body responds better. I now listen to what it’s asking.

There is energy everywhere. Every living thing has energy. We all connect and transfer energies as well. Did you ever notice someone having a bad day and that bad vibe run off on you? Ugh! (I try to change my environment, person or funk to get out of that situation!) Well, same thing goes for food. Plants, animals all transfer their energy into the foods we create and eat, therefore; I try to stay away from the processed foods.

Through much spiritual “work” I have come to realize that I need to love myself again. How do you do this? Well, I started with healing my insides. Through the energy and love I put in my food, its loving me back and I feel it and see the difference. When I take that extra time to love myself, I feel good about myself and then reflect my love to others. It’s a great cycle. Take care of yourself. Feed your soul.

My goal for this site is to provide recipes which are wholesome and make your soul sing and rejoice as much as mine. You will also see tid bits of researched facts along the way as well as things that I do in my day to help me have a positive outlook for life. This is more than a ‘food’ site but a site that I hope leaves you feeling peaceful as well.



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