#SundaySupper Fruit Salad in an Orange Cup

Knock, Knock

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?” ….

Knock, knock

“Who’s there?”


“Banana who?” ….

Knock, Knock

“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

ORANGE you glad I didn’t say banana!”

A little childish humor to help start our #SundaySupper theme, Kids in the Kitchen! To be honest with you, I was a little stumped this week on a recipe. You see, I have a three-year old and a 20 month old and neither of them love the kitchen, not even a centimeter, as much as I do. Matter-a-fact, I can’t even get my picky three-year old to stir pudding! I always pictured being in the kitchen with my children and we would make pies, cookies, ice cream, snacks and more! Well, we’re not there yet….but, I can get my son to lick the batter bowl clean when I’m done. I feel that’s some sort of accomplishment! But there is always one item I can count on my kids eating and that is fruit. Not bad, heh? Okay, the second thing I can always count on is chocolate but that’s a whole other ball park!

After a long visit at the doctors one morning that turned into the afternoon, my husband and I stopped at a fast food joint that wasn’t fast by any means. A new place opened up in our shopping center that offers “burgers and fries.” It’s more of a “wait while it cooks” kind of deal although they have a drive-thru. I still can’t wrap my head around this concept as we waited over fifteen minutes at the window. But with all of us on empty stomachs and the pain the shots have even caused myself, I thought it would be perfect to grab them some chicken strips and fries as a quick fix meal. On our way home, I tried passing them a fry. To my dismay, both of them didn’t like it. Here I spent close to $30 and at least 15 minutes of my time, when I could have been home making them their normal lunch. Instead, I somehow thought the world was going to end if they didn’t get that one bite into them pronto.

We reached our home and I put their plates together. Greasy chicken here, pitiful limp fries there. I plopped on the ketchup and served it to them. I was surprised when both children refused to eat it. My first thought was “not my 20 month old….she eats everything!” So, I put on my mom face and gave them back their plates again. Neither of them moved. How can children so young be so bright to know that these foods are not good for them? Then, I second guessed myself… “but this is fried chicken! What kind of person doesn’t like fried chicken!” I felt it necessary to find the reason why they were not eating this “kid friendly” meal. After all, I keep being told that every child loves the same meals: pizza, pasta and chicken! Well, apparently not mine. I went back into the kitchen and served them their normal lunches, nutella and banana sandwiches with grapes, strawberries, watermelon, cheese and crackers. Guess what, they ate it all.

From this, I learned 1. They love fruit 2. Never force them to eat food that’s not good for them! But as the days go on, they get tired of eating the same fruit. I can recall bringing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to elementary school every day for five years and guess what?  I started to throw it away. What a waste! To make food more interesting and to get their helping hand, more creative thoughts need to come, so why not make a different kind of presentation?

Welcome the orange! Or the “basketball, spaceship, surprise!, time capsule” whatever you want to call it! It’s good, its delicious AND the best part, the kids LOVE it!

Simple yet pleasantly healthy!


  • Choose any kind of fruit thats in season
  • 1 large orange
  • Greek yogurt


1. Cut the orange in half and clean out the inside of it. (I just eat it all and get some vitamin C for myself or add some back in the orange itself!)

Make note: Cut the pieces small enough to accommodate for the child’s age. For my 20 month old, I quarter the grapes in fours to make sure it’s not a choking hazard. Of course, make sure your child isn’t too young to have strawberries and use good judgement.

2. Place the fruit into individual bowls and let your child stuff the orange with what he/she may want in it! This way, the child (my 3-year-old) is involved in the fun of making a snack as well!

3. Add a spoonful of yogurt on top. Enjoy!

I always place extra fruit around the outside because after the yumminess is gone from the inside of the orange, I squeeze the orange juices on the outside pieces. Just extra fun!

Change the recipe throughout the year by adding in new and different fruit. Cut out the other half of the orange and create a lid. Put the fruit in a grapefruit instead of an orange. Add some nuts on top (age appropriate) for some protein. Serve for a morning meal or snack. There are so many options and its a great recipe to start getting your child involved in your kitchen!

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36 thoughts on “#SundaySupper Fruit Salad in an Orange Cup

    • I know! I felt a little silly posting something so simple but its an honest post. It’s something my kids make and eat being so small! A little secret – I make the other half for me, lol 🙂

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  14. This is a dessert that kids and ME will love ! Looks so pretty too !! Thanks for sharing ! Since grapefruit is a hot fav in my home, will try it with grapefruit too I think !

  15. I’ve learned lessons like this too with my kids.Sometimes it’s the most simple of things that they enjoy the most and make them the happiest. I know my youngest two would totally love this and such a cool way of serving it too.

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  17. So cute! My little guy is a huge fruit kid, too, and sadly, he is not big on helping me in the kitchen. He would prefer to grab everything on the counter and taste test everything (meaning I can’t keep him around when I am working with raw meat or eggs).

    • Thanks Katy! I’m waiting for them to be just a little more handy in the kitchen — but def not to grow up too fast!

  18. Boy, how I wish my kids turned up their noses to fast food! I love your creative ideas for naming the fruit in the orange…my boys would have loved boats or spaceships for lunch!

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